Spanish interview.

Huge thanks to @NormanReSpain who took the time to translate this so we could all enjoy it!

He’s a friend of Michael Stipe and rode his motorcycle alongside Lady Gaga. According to Reedus, life is pleasant and wild.

Reedus is one of those people that make you believe that everyone in Hollywood has fascinating lives. Although he’s now known for his role as Daryl Dixon, a ‘hot’ redneck in AMC’s hit series about zombies, The Walking Dead – just started the fourth season – his past seems inspired in the ‘beat’ generation. He is 44 years old and went all over Japan with a British rock band, roamed in a Sitges infested with cats and dated the supermodel Helena Christensen, with whom he has a son of 14. He likes punk, is friends with Michael Stipe and Guillermo del Toro and rides a motorcycle, despite suffering an accident (almost) fatal in Berlin.

What do you have in common with Daryl? I’m much more of a coward. If there was an epidemic of zombies I would be the first person to hide somewhere. In one thing we are alike: we love motorcycles!

In Lady Gaga’s videoclip ‘Judas’, you ride a Harley Davidson… It’s mine! One day they called me to see if I could participate in one of her videos with bikers. I was in Los Angeles then so I accepted. They asked me if I could ride a motorcycle … and I was on my Harley right then. I said I would do it if they let me ride my motorcycle.

And how is she in person? She doesn’t seem human, she doesn’t give up. I spent the entire weekend shooting. The last day, around 4am, I couldn’t take it anymore. She started working a couple of day before and she continued dancing until dawn to make the scenes perfect.

But I think you like something harder. I’ve seen photos where you are wearing T-Shirt from punk bands. You got me. My musical references are The Clash and Minor Threat. During the filming of the series I listen Motorhead a lot. I also like Fleetwood Mac, Sonic Youth … I even enjoy jazz things like Charles Mingus.

And you don’t play any instrument? I admit I tried. I had a band and all that; I was the bassist. But it was embarrassing. Now I play alone in my house believing that I know what I’m doing …. I guess that deep down we all want to be rock stars.

I heard you had an almost deadly accident in Berlin a few years ago. And you heard it right. In 2005 I was in town to meet some directors whom had gone to the Berlinale. That coincided with a R.E.M. concert. My friend Michael Stipe invited me to see them. When the show ended, coming back to the hotel, a truck rammed me. I spent two months in a hospital with several surgeries. I remember being there, hiding, afraid that people would see me in that condition.

What a story. Is it also true that you lived in Japan? Yep. After I ended my studies, I decided to travel for a while. I met a British rock band and we went all over Japan. Then I went with them to London and ended up traveling alone again, until I arrived to Sitges. I remember a church. Every morning I had breakfast there watching the sea and the bells were ringing. I’ve never felt that way again, in peace.

You took advantage and tried to be immersed in Spanish culture? Guillermo del Toro has taught me many things. I’m interested in Dali. At that time I was trying to capture pictures minding my own business. I did a whole series about cats who swarmed the beach. There was a real plague of cats in Sitges.

And how did you get into film? It was for a girl I met in Japan. She came to pick me up in Spain and we went together to Los Angeles. ** Are you sorry?** Quite the contrary. The photos, pictures … You made them, you put them on a wall and invite people to see them. But acting is different, it’s very honest, you can’t hide from the camera.

Is this zombie thing a metaphor for these dark days? Look, I’ll tell you how I see it. The script is not about politics, it’s a reflection on the importance of individual decisions when things are difficult.

Some main actors dropped like flies in the last season. Aren’t you afraid for your role? The story is developed in a inhospitable universe. It’s like real life, you know? Any day you can disappear.


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