This one is so good!

Ugh.. this moment. It just felt so strangely significant, so defensive. Rick can see the distance in Daryl’s eyes, the way he shuts down to tolerate this touch. He knows what Daryl’s been through as recently as the night before. Rick doesn’t want people touching his man because no matter what context.. Daryl is his man and there’s an implicit threat in Rick’s voice because Daryl is trying to breathe even and not look at the reality of hands on him and Rick wants the man touching Daryl to know that he has no power over Daryl. That this doesn’t  put him in a position of strength, that this is happening because Daryl allows it and he’s reminding Daryl of that too. He’s so fucking proud of Daryl and he will go to the ground defending him. He want’s that kid’s hands off of him but he can’t force that just yet so he just lets him know.. this is mine and he is stronger than you. Don’t think that you can cross this line and come back from it.

Oh man, I have unexpected feelings about this shot.

2 thoughts on “This one is so good!

  1. Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog since quite some times! I love daryl dixon too =)
    And you know, when Robert Kirkman came out with daryl ‘gay sexuality’, rick grimmes suddenly popped up in my head! HAHA
    i mean there were so many possibilities about daryl was actually ‘love’ rick, while rick was a straight, so daryl was never pour it up. Anyhow, i love ur blog. Greeting from indonesia!

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