Metal eye socket.

For a long time this [touches above his left eye] and this [below the eye] was numb, and my top lip was numb. And sometimes if I get a fingernail or something sharp and I poke certain parts of my head, spiderweb tingles go all the way down my face. If it’s cold outside, [the metal eye socket] gets cold and I get a headache, and if it’s really hot, it gets hot and I get a headache. So I have headaches all the time. The first part of the feeling to come back was my top lip, so sometimes I still poke it with my fingernail as a habit. [He pushes his fingernail into his top lip to demonstrate.] And sometimes if I’m with a girl and we’re watching a movie or something, I take her fingernail and sort of like without thinking about it, I start doing that with her finger. I don’t know why.
Norman Reedus, GQ (Oct/2014)

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