Q & Andy: Norman Reedus by Andy Warhol.

ANDY WARHOL: Where were you born?

NORMAN REEDUS: Hollywood, Florida

WARHOL: What did you have for breakfast?

REEDUS: A mini watermelon and coffee.

WARHOL: Are you a good cook?

REEDUS: I can poach an egg pretty well.

WARHOL: What would be your ideal role?

REEDUS: Jef Costello in Le samouraï (1967).

WARHOL: How do you keep your good looks?

REEDUS: Watermelon, chocolate, motorcycles, cats.

WARHOL: When do you get nervous?

REEDUS: Every single day.

WARHOL: How do you fight off all the groupies?

REEDUS: I try not to.

WARHOL: How come you didn’t become an inventor?

REEDUS: I invent people all the time.

WARHOL: What are you reading right now?

REEDUS: The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon.

Source: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/culture/andy-warhols-interview-interview-savannah-film-festival-2014-norman-reedus/#_


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