Some Rickyl för ya’ll!

I just love them together!


Long or short?

What do YOU like the best? Normy with long hair or with short?

I really like the short hair.. like in TWD season 1-3 kinda short hair-version. Then it started get in his face waaaay too much. But anyway, he’s still totally adorable. Wook at his widdle face…

I am back bitches!


I know I have been off for about a year now and I am so sorry about that. I have a lots of kids and a newborn so I’ve been super busy. BUT – I plan to be back now. Maybe not as often as before but I will try to keep on updating with fun and cute GIF’s like before. If not, you are more  than welcome to e-mail me and like “Hey, I miss you!” 😉

So hold on, I will update soon. ❤