Daryl + Maggie?

NORMAN Reedus and Lauren Cohan are set to get down and dirty in Walking Dead.

The pair play Daryl Dixon and Maggie Greene, respectively.

Maggie got engaged to the group’s brainy Glenn Rhee (Steve Yeun) when he chopped a ring off the finger of a rotting zombie.

However, producers have been vague about whether Glenn and Maggie are married – Glenn refers to her once as his “wife.”

Producers are apparently worried that the romance has become stale and looking to shake things up — they want Daryl to make a move on Maggie

“They’re both incredibly good- looking and the show’s brass wants to get them entwined in a love story, where Daryl and Glenn, despite being friends, battle for her affections,” a source said.

“The producers aren’t afraid to mix it up to keep the show fresh and exciting. So you can bet there’s going to be some major, wild storylines coming up next season.”